Sponsors and investors

Do you want to support new entrepreneurial projects aiming to make a better world?

Do you want to drive entrepreneurial talent towards existing and meaningful challenges?

Do you have an organisation willing to help tech entrepreneurs find a path to the market?

We are establishing a network of investors and sponsors willing to support disruptive tech projects in Europe with an impact on society and the environment. We offer two effective channels to reach out to meaningful startups:


WAF startups are tech-based projects that often require of initial investments to finalise its products and reach the market. Finding capital is especially challenging during the first stages of the innovation roadmap, when the risk is higher. We look for early-stage investors that can complement other funding sources such as soft-loans and grant during these first steps. We provide a high-quality pre-qualified pipeline of tech projects.


WAF challenges are specific technology or industry focused problems that aim to drive innovation and entrepreneurial efforts. Your organisation can contribute (co-sponsor) or even fully sponsor one specific challenge which is meaningful for you. WAF in this case will offer access to the pipeline of projects and will establish a specific support program together with your organisation.