Apply to our ICT challenge – Emerging ICT Technologies

ICT Challenge – 3,000€ Prize (sponsored by Strata)

Deadline: September the 22nd

We are looking for STEM postgraduate and PhD students (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at Universities who have developed their master or PhD thesis on the most promising technological areas within the ICT industry.

In particular, we are looking for projects developed within one of the following technical fields:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Hyperautomation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Edge computing, IoT
  • Digital twins, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed reality
  • Multichannel human-machine interfaces and sensing technologies
  • 3D printing
  • Wearables, sensory and cognitive augmentation, biometrics
  • Big data, distributed cloud, data storage
  • Blockchain

Specific requirements

  • Protototype/PoC ready: Applications must be able to demonstrate that a prototype or PoC is ready.
  • Market: The project must clearly demonstrate a market potential.
  • Team: A team of at least 2 people must be involved. At least one member must be a postgraduate student of phD student at a University, or have finished their studies in 2018 or later.
  • Future company: A company must be established before applying or during the following three months after receiving the prize.

Terms and conditions

We don’t take shares of your future company. Our prize is contributed as a donation to the newly established company.

No strings attached. You are no obliged to attend events nor incubators programs.

We help you if you want. We provide you with network, talent, knowledge and access to capital but you are free to choose how you want to work with WAF.

All the IP is yours. WAF will not take any ownership from your company. All code, designs, documents, patents, etc. will belong to the startup. Consequently, WAF will not sign any NDA.

Open source. As far as possible, we would like to select projects that contribute to the open source movement. This does not mean that WAF expects all code and knowledge to be open source. The applicant will have the right to keep secret core parts of their IP.

Founded company. Although WAF accepts applications from students, researches and all type of individuals. However, the prize will only be awarded to a company (startup) designated by the applicants.

Evaluation process

STAGE 1 DOCUMENTATION. A team of experts will review all the documentation provided by the applicant. All the applications will be scored.

STAGE 2. PITCH AND INTERVIEW. The most promising applications will be contacted to schedule a pitch session and an interview.

WAF incubator. What do you get?

Prize. A cash price.

Business coaching. An experienced and volunteering business coach during 6 months. (6 45″ sessions).

Business development. An International network of business development ). 

Fundraising mentors with experience in public as well as private funding

Tech partners. We can introduce you to tech providers in software and hardware development. 

Business developers, fundraising and tech partners sometimes are able to work on a pro-bono basis or under ‘success fees models’. WAF however does not ensure that the partners will take every project and partners will have full freedom to accept in which projects take part and how they will support them. 

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